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The Wolf Pack: Series Introduction

Hello! Welcome to our first post in a series of where you can learn more information about the wonderful characters of Path of Kami. Our inspiration for this game and its characters stemmed directly from our “Pack Leader” Deana.

“I was thinking about how cultures perceive death in different ways, exploring thoughts on life itself. I then started thinking about reincarnation and how it can be used within a game. After iterating on different concepts and themes, we decided to go with 'Connections & Relationships.' You'll find this ties heavily into the game mechanics and story.

Originally I was thinking about having a dog as the main character because I love my dog Boots but as the story started developing a wolf fit a bit better.”

Our four main wolves are Kazeyo, Sano, Zoua, and Kairo and each one has a unique personality and story that defines who they are. When creating these characters, we wanted them to have lives. We are excited to finally share more. Below are some of the initial concept art on the wolves by LarkABark.

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Sincerely, The Captilight Team

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