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The Wolf Pack: Sano The Poison Wolf

The Wolf Pack Series is back! Welcome to our second post in the series where we share more information about the wonderful characters of Path of Kami. In the last post, we did a brief overview of all the characters. Today we'll be sharing the story of Sano, the Poison wolf.

Sano Concept Art
Sano Concept Art

Always a mysterious wolf even to herself. Sano knows not from where she came and has never met her parents. It happened one night, where a young pup whimpered and cried in the night close to a village.

The cries woke one of the village elders, who went out to see what was causing the commotion. Upon seeing the young Sano in tears with tufts of fur over the land where Sano sits the Elder picks Sano up and brings her to his home. Sano grew up with children and other pets and enjoyed playing. As Sano matured, she was reluctantly a part of hunts. She also began to sneak out of the village at night and wouldn’t come back till sunrise. On one fateful night when Sano was out watching a full moon, she saw another Wolf. Sano hadn’t met one of her own kind yet, she was always kept at a distance from other wolves. This was an opportunity to meet one. Sano sneaks up on the wolf and frightens him, this wolf is Kazeyo. Over a short period of time, Sano met Zoua and Kairo and the four had formed their own pack. This is just one of the four wolves that you will meet in Path of Kami. Our next post will feature a fiery wolf. See you next time, Captilight Team

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