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The Wolf Pack: Kairo the Earth Wolf

Hi everyone! The Wolf Pack series is back! Welcome to our third post of the series where we share more information about the wonderful characters of Path of Kami. In the last post, we talked about Sano the Poison wolf. Today we’ll be sharing updates about Sano and talking about a new wolf...Kairo!

Sano Poison to Fire

We recently updated the elements of the wolves to: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. We wanted to go with more natural elements that pertain to nature and Poison doesn’t fit well with that theme. So we replaced it with Fire. Sano doesn’t seem to mind the change, she’s as vibrant as ever! Check out what she looks like now :)

Sano Initial Concept Art
Sano Initial Concept Art as "Poison Element" by Janet Doan
Sano Updated Concept Art as "Fire Element" by Janet Doan
Sano Updated Concept Art as "Fire Element" by Janet Doan

Kairo the Earth Wolf

Headstrong, energetic, aggressive, this wolf is always getting into trouble and taking risks

when they aren’t necessary. This however is what you would expect from a wolf who has had to live on his own for many years…

Kairo Concept Art Earth Element by Janet Doan
Kairo Concept Art by Janet Doan

Kairo's Story...

Kairo always enjoyed playing and hunting with his parents and two siblings. One day

while he was out exploring the world and pestering rabbits and boars (He really enjoys annoying boars), Hunters showed up at the den of his family and killed them all.

As Kairo approaches his home he sees the Hunters leaving. Kairo inches closer and closer till he sees the Hunters dragging a cart with his family. Kairo catches the Hunter off guard and grabs the rope with his mouth and pulls the cart deep into the brush, successfully escaping the Hunters.

Kairo pulls the cart all the way to a shrine on a cliff overlooking a river and lays down

whimpering looking at his family. As the sun is setting Kairo says goodbye and howls into the air.

Kairo stays at his old den for a short period of time before moving to the mountains and

taking over a cave. On another fateful day, a hungry Kairo is coming back with his lunch and is attacked by a large bird. Kairo fights the bird in its lair and is saved by Kazeyo. It is at this point Kairo makes a new friend and eventually meets Sano and Zoua.

Our 2nd to last post will feature the calming water Wolf.

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Until next time,

Captilight Team

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