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Team Highlight Series: Marta Ivanovska

Thanks for joining us today in our team highlight series! Today we'll be chatting with Marta Ivanovska, our UI Artist on the team!

This interview was conducted by Deana Galbraith, the Founder and Creative Director at Captilight.

Deana: Hello Marta! Thanks for joining us, let's get started. Tell our readers a bit about yourself!

Marta: I'm an art generalist, a dog enthusiast, and an average candy enjoyer. My life is surprising me daily and my work is all over the place.

Deana: Another dog lover <3 What inspires you to make games?

Marta: I'm pretty technically-minded for an artist, which makes it hard for me to find a job that utilizes both. I tried straight math and physics and I didn't like it. I tried straight-up art and didn't like it either! Now look at me, I'm a problem-solving, tablet-wielding, sugar-powered machine. Games are just where I belong.

Deana: Games are a lovely combination of art and tech! Speaking of games do you have a favorite?

Marta: Before I started to work in game-dev I thought point and click is my favorite genre... Well, it would seem that I'm actually really good at strategy games. I still don't understand why, but if you put me in front of XCOM I'll be gone until the power goes out.

Deana: I also enjoy point and click games! When working on Path of Kami where do you draw your inspirations from?

Marta: Artist's work is only as good as the source material they are studying and referencing, so I'll keep my secrets.

Deana: Darn you caught me! Haha, How do you go about your thought process working on a new title?

Marta: It's hard to say, because every project is different. On top of that I work mainly with indie studios where job descriptions vague, and I also arrive at weird stages of development and I'm rarely there from the start unless it's my own game.

Generally, I like to research the subject before I grab a pen and paper. I don't specialize in one art style or a genre, so I read, look at pretty pictures, and try my best to familiarize myself with what there is. I might even do some studies if I'm feeling wild. After that, it's just trying different solutions and seeing what works. Developing games has many moving parts and requires iterating over your choices, so I'm just trying to stay open and not lock production into decisions that are hard to change later.

Deana: What excited you about Path of Kami?

Marta: I have a lot of freedom working on PoK and the project is very well organized. You know, the simple things. The game and the story may not be my personal opus magnum, but I believe in you and your drive to see things through. It's exciting to watch people passionate about what they do, and contribute to the teamwork!

Deana: Daww happy your enjoying the project so far! Where do you think games will be in 10 years?

Marta: Here is to hoping that in 10 years they will be less of a scapegoat for people's problems. You don't see anyone blaming American football for causing violence, and you won't catch a grandpa telling a kid playing chess that he's lazy. There is a lot of space for games to be educational, challenging, and entertaining. I'd like to see them get more recognition for how much personal development they are promoting.

Deana: Agreed! There's lots of potential for using games in different mediums. What gets you up in the morning?

Marta: Absolutely nothing, haha! One of the best perks of being a freelancer is setting your own business hours, and I enjoy staying in bed past 9AM.

Deana: Best perk ever! <3 Okay last question! What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the games industry?

Marta: I know that it looks tempting from the outside, but let me tell you, we don't just sit and play games all day long, so if that's why you want in, turn around and don't look back. Game dev is an extremely competitive industry. We get emotionally involved in the projects, we have a life-work balance that some will consider unhealthy and we're motivated to get things done. Just be realistic with your expectations and make sure that you understand the requirements of the position you're interested in.

Deana: Well said! That concludes today's interview thanks for joining us!

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