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Team Highlight Series: Janet Doan

Thanks for joining us today in our team highlight series! Today we'll be chatting with Janet Doan, a 2D Artist on the team!

This interview is conducted by Steven Seidman, a Narrative Designer at Captilight.

Steven: Hey Janet, thank you for making it.

Janet: Yeah, no problem. I’m ready to answer your questions.

Steven: Alright let’s jump into… Who are you, Janet?

Janet: Well I am a Californian artist, currently attending university majoring in animation and minoring in web design. I started making games for fun in my university’s Video Game Development Association.

Steven: That’s amazing and sounds like a great way to learn. What inspires you to make games?

Janet: Steven, I’ve played games since I was a kid, and I always thought, “This game would be better if it has this or that feature, I want a game like this.” That eventually led me to want to make my own games so I could play a game that was to my liking and share it with others!

Steven: Spectacular it really sounds like you come from a good place on this, it sounds like Path of Kami is a game you're going to be excited to play.

Janet: It all comes from a good place. Absolutely, I can’t wait to play and I can’t wait to see the wolves in action. It’s even better that I’m working with everyone to create them.

Steven: That’s great to hear! How did you get involved with Captilight?

Janet: I met Deana when we were counselors for Girls Make Games. Then, I saw her Instagram post about starting a new company, and I just asked to join!

Steven: That’s incredibly bold, you sound like someone who enjoys adventure.

Janet: I do, I really love RPGs and anything that has an interesting storyline that lets me make tough decisions!

Steven: What excites you about Path of Kami?

Janet: I’m really excited to see how the story will be implemented in the game! I think story is one of the most important parts of a game. Also, the puzzles! I love puzzles!

Steven: Story is important to me as well. As one of the artists where are you drawing your inspiration for Path of Kami from?

Janet: I draw inspiration from artists that I see online and professional concept art books that I collect. I especially love the concept art book for Breath of the Wild. I also use plenty of photographic references of Japan to make sure my art is culturally accurate!

Steven: I have two more questions… What gets you up in the morning? And what advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the games industry?

Janet: To get me up in the morning… It’s the pressure of needing to get work done. As far as advice… Keep making connections and going out to places where game developers and enthusiasts go! Keep applying for jobs and internships. You can start small and grow from there. And keep on learning!

Steven: Janet, thank you so much for coming out for this. You did great!

Janet: Thank you, Steven, for the interview.

Steven: To all our viewers and community stay in touch, stay active, and stay healthy.

<End Interview> Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to seeing you next time!


Captilight Team

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