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Team Highlight Series: David Ly

Thanks for joining us today in our team highlight series! Today we'll be chatting with David Ly, a 3D Artist and Designer on the team! This interview is conducted by Steven Seidman, a Narrative Designer at Captilight.

Steven: David, thank you so much for stopping by today. I wasn’t expecting to see you so early.

David: I was excited to be a part of this.

Steven: That’s great! Well let’s get started and since it’s early… What gets you up in the morning?

David: One word… Games. Playing games solo or with others, reading about games, its industry and making things for games. I love my job as an artist and the fact that my job is creative makes me feel like it’s not even a job at all.

Steven: I love that, I’m the same way. Being a Writer its like you’re not even working because I love it so much. I’m going to assume your role here at Captilight is art?

David: Yes, I am a 3D artist for Path of Kami and also one of the game designers in the team. Making games has been a lifelong passion and ambition of mine and I have built my career to learning and educating others about game creation.

Steven: How did you get involved with Captilight?

David: I had some free time from my previous work and wanted a new challenge to undertake. I went on Polycount (Website, Forum) and saw an opportunity to join the Captilight team as an artist. Deana (CEO) pitched the idea to me and I was immediately sold on its vision and potential.

Steven: What did you find exciting about it that made you “sold” on it?

David: I like to witness the journey a game takes, artistically and mechanically. It’s exciting to see how our hard work shapes the game and how we overcome challenges as a team.

Steven: What inspires you, keeps you going?

David: I am inspired by other games. I also enjoy the challenges that arise from making games and finding ways to solve/mitigate them. It’s fascinating to see other developers’ work and how visual, audio and other elements come together to make the game.

Steven: Now for a hard question, what is your favorite type of game?

David: Haha, that’s a tough question. Recently I’ve been enjoying RPG/story games like Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2. Both amazing titles. I also love JRPGs like Persona 5 and I am looking forward to playing FFVII remake.

Steven: I love the Witcher as well and FFVII looks amazing. Now for our final question… At least for this part, what advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the games industry?

David: … This is a very tough and complex question. From my experience as a 3D artist, you will be constantly fighting with other talented people wanting to land the same job. Do your research beforehand on which career path to specialize in and build a network of people. Attending events and social media is vital to increasing the chances of landing a job opportunity. Have an amazing portfolio that demonstrates your creativity and passion. For artists, use Artstation, Polycount and Linkedin for recruiters.

Steven: Thank you so much for your time David and to all our fans stay howling for more! <End Interview> Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to seeing you next time!

Sincerely, Captilight Team

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