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Pre-Alpha: What We've Learned and next steps

We had the pleasure of working with G. Round to do a playtest event for our upcoming game Path of Kami Prologue. We wanted to hear what players thought of the game so far and see what we could improve on. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but it was exciting to see the positive reception of the game so far!

Our goal for Path of Kami was to create a game that is relaxing, easy to pick up and play but also thought-provoking with its puzzles and story. It's very important to us to work with the community every step of the way to make sure the game is aligning with our values and goals but is also fun for players. We felt it was important to remain attentive and engaged with the community whether answering questions on Discord, or social media. We especially enjoyed all the let's plays and walkthroughs everyone put together!

The Stats

We had 600+ players from all over the world play from across 10+ countries! Wow!! Our steam page also got a boost in traffic.

Comments from Players

While we have lots to work on to implement the playtest feedback and suggestions, we are humbled and excited to share some responses from the players who checked out the game.

An amazing game! This is my second time playing it and this time around I'm enjoying it so much more and I just simply want more of the game after finishing the demo and almost collecting everything...

Game Round User: Tibore

I love the idea of lighting up lanterns to solve puzzles. You just explore around and find the usable / related lantern to activate the stones, then you also get to see a beautiful scenery at a higher ground which is PERFECT!

Game Round User: Perfectus

Path of Kami is more than just a game, it is an exploration experience. One where the spirit searches for answers as well as lighting, in more ways that one, it's own path. The movement is fun, the puzzles are mind teasers but not at all frustrating but where the game shines is in [Level Design, Sound and Gameplay]. ALL 3 facets of the game deliver a beautiful experience that leaves you wanting for more!

Game Round User: rdetchy

Next steps

We were happy to hear that even this early in development Path of Kami Prologue is staying true to its original vision and values. We'd like to thank everyone for playing and sharing your thoughts and feedback with us! We are currently working hard on adding new content, activities, and more! We plan on sharing some sneak peeks soon, stay tuned!

We hope you enjoyed reading! In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Youtube!

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