Path of Kami Research Trip

Hello and thank you for joining us! We hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. As a team, we are constantly gathering references and inspiration for Path of Kami through games like Okami, GRIS, My First Tree, Journey, and more. Besides games, we have taken heavy inspiration from real-life environments in Japan, since the game is set in Edo Period Japan!

(Left to Right) Barbara Sotolongo, Deana Galbraith, Jose Beltran, Yuko Kobayashi

We learned of the wonderful Japanese garden and museum called Morikami in South Florida and had to visit!

Morikami consists of 16 acres that surround the area with two museum buildings and Japanese gardens with strolling paths, a bonsai collection, koi fish, and other wildlife. We also encountered beautiful nature trails bamboo and pine forests.

Yamato-kan Building

The original museum building, named Yamato-kan, is modeled after a Japanese villa. It hosts a permanent exhibit of the history of the Yamato Colony, a Japanese farming community over 100 years ago right in South Florida! We didn’t get the chance to see inside since it was closed for renovations during our visit. But we hope to come back in the future to enjoy it!

Overall it was a breathtaking experience and inspired all of us to continue working on Path of Kami. We hope to do more research trips like these to help keep the creative ideas flowing and gather as much information and references as possible!

Thanks again for joining us! Want to learn more about the progress on Path of Kami?

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-- Captilight Team

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