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Path of Kami Journey Begin Out Now

Captilight Games is excited to announce that the Path of Kami Journey Begins is out now on steam, Itch io and Gamejolt for PC and Linux. The game supports English, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, Polish, German and Russian.

Path of Kami is a thoughtful game about life, death, and family. Play as Kazeyo a spirit of a wolf on a journey to ascend to the spirit world. Solve puzzles and discover secrets with creative uses of your spirit fire powers.

Journey Begins contains the beginning of Kazeyo’s journey as he starts his adventure to ascend to the spirit world. Players can visit 6 areas within the mortal realm and get a sneak peek of the spirit world.

Path of Kami key features include:

Exploration: Explore beautiful landscapes by lighting lanterns and finding collectibles.

Relaxing Puzzles: Using creative uses of your elemental spirit fire powers light unique lanterns to reveal new paths, spirit keys and activate spirit pools by revealing wandering spirits you must catch

Heartwarming Story: Learn about Kazeyo and his companion’s history as they ascend to the spirit world together

Soothing Music: A beautiful serene soundtrack that will soothe and relax

To keep up to date with the latest Path of Kami news, follow Captilight on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, also check out the official Path of Kami Discord server and Newsletter.

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About Captilight Games

Captilight is a fully remote independent game studio with team members around the world. Captilight is dedicated to creating thoughtful games with inspiring stories.




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