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Path of Kami Demo Coming Soon to Mac and Linux, with an update on all platforms!

Captilight Games is excited to announce that the Path of Kami Demo will be getting a big update later this month on Steam, Itch io, and GameJolt. It will also be ported to Mac and Linux platforms as well!

The update is going to include new content, bug fixes, and localization for Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. Quality of life changes was also added improving the overall UI, adding a collectibles inventory system, photo mode, and more!

Path of Kami is a thoughtful game about life, death, and family. Play as Kazeyo a Japanese wolf on a journey to ascend to the spirit world. Solve puzzles and discover secrets with creative uses of your spirit fire powers.

Player’s will set off on an adventure with their wisp companion across vast worlds of mountains, forests, and spiritual environments. Featuring a breathtakingly handcrafted watercolor world-inspired set in ancient Japan.


About Captilight Games

Captilight is a fully remote independent game studio with team members around the world. Captilight is dedicated to creating thoughtful games that inspire. By developing creative, thought-provoking, and emotionally driven narratives in our games, we aim to captivate a broader audience of like-minded players who can gain a new perspective, support each other, and aspire to live a passion-filled life.




Press Contact

Name: Deana Galbraith


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