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Path of Kami August 2021 Dev Log

Hello Wolf Pack!

We hope you’ve been well, it feels like it’s been forever since our last dev log but its only been a month! We got SO much to talk about in this update so let’s get to it!

Dev Updates


We’ve been marching on creating additional props and building up the mortal world of Path of Kami! Below are some cool stuff we’ve been working on.

Jizo Statues

Jizo (地蔵/womb of the earth) is made in the image of Jizo Bosatsu, guardian deity of children and travelers. They are regarded as ancient protectors, we thought it’d fit well with Kazeyo on his journey to the spirit world! Here are a few variations the team have put together!

Moonlight Falls Area

We have completely revamped the shrine area that leads to moonlight falls. We don’t want to give away TOO much of the future demo update coming soon but here’s a little sneak peek :)

UI Updates!

We added welcome area prompts to welcome you to new areas you’ll encounter! Comes with a fancy animation too <3 For the prologue release we’ll tie these and future areas to achievements :)

A collectible inventory menu has been implemented!! Each time you enter a new area you’ll get a number of collectibles in the area. As you find them you’ll unlock them in the menu.

For the prologue, we plan on adding additional information about items and lore here as well!

We also added new art for the pause menu to make it consistent with all other menus in the game.

Photo Mode Implementation

We’ve implemented a photo mode so you can take all sorts of photo masterpieces in the game!! Here is some work in progress shots of some of the UI updates we were doing for it.

Demo News + Upcoming Updates

We plan on releasing a big demo update in the next couple of weeks to officially close out the demo. In the update it’ll include the above changes along with:

  • Advanced Settings such as turning off post-processing etc.

  • Menu’s interactable with a controller

  • Additional dialogue

  • Updated credits menu

  • We also plan on doing mac and Linux builds!

Merch Store Updates!

We’ve added the omikuji fortunes to the Etsy Shop purchasable as bookmarks! Check it out here.

We hope you enjoyed today’s update!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Deana @Captilight

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