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Introducing Captilight

Hi everyone, my name is Deana Galbraith. I’m the Founder and Creative Director at Captilight. I made this blog to do a belated introduction to Captilight, sharing our history, goals, mission, and what we have been working on.

So I’m extremely excited to say, on behalf of Captlight, hello and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog <3

A passion for emotionally impactful games

Journey | Photo: Playstation Blast
Journey | Photo: Playstation Blast

Like many other game developers out there, I was very inspired by the game Journey when I first played it. I loved the idea of a game that challenged the status quo. It was considerably different from other games that were out during that time. A game that was non-violent, had breathtaking graphics, and gives me the feels?! Heck ya, I’m in! Take my money!! I found it to be an emotionally impactful game, and it really changed my outlook and goals in what I wanted to create as a game designer. I also started to realize that there wasn’t a lot of games out there with this type of approach to game development.

After playing the game I found it difficult to get that journey-like, “fix.” I constantly struggled with finding a similar game that could fill that void for me. I often thought, “why don’t we have more of these games!?” <flips table> This made me set on creating games that were thought-provoking, utilized environmental storytelling and was story-driven. Oh, and of course we can’t forget….gives you the FEELS.

I created Captilight originally in 2017, it was officially founded late last year (2019). It’s a late introduction but I’m excited to introduce Captilight, a game studio focused on creating narrative games that are emotionally impactful.

---Deana Galbraith

Where it started

Captilight was originally created by Deana while she was studying at UCF. She started to work on a game calling it, In Darkness There’s Light, IDTL for short. The name “Captilight” originally paid homage to the game being a combination of two words, “Captivate” and “Light” = Captilight.

Sometime in 2018, Deana started working on a new game concept that centered around the theme of “reincarnation” and companionship. We fell in love with the idea. We pitched it to friends and strangers at GDC in 2019, received positive feedback and interest in the game. We spoke with our friends and iterated on the idea for months... and we mean months.

We couldn’t put the game down! We wanted to see it come to life. So with some help from our friend John from Laster Law. We officially started a studio and gathered the team we have today. (P.S. they are wonderful people <3)

About Captilight

Our vision at Captlight is to create enriching experiences among gamers around the world.

Our Mission:

“By developing creative, thought-provoking and emotionally driven narratives in our games, we aim to captivate a broader audience of like-minded players who can gain a new perspective, support each other, and aspire to live a passion-filled life.”

Our team has been amazingly passionate and hard-working, we can’t express how grateful we are to have such wonderful people to work with! We’re excited to announce that we are working on Path of Kami as our debut game.

Path of Kami Concept Art | Art by Janet Doan
Path of Kami Concept Art | Art by Janet Doan

Path of Kami is a 3D exploration and puzzle game about a wolf who has passed away and has to travel to the spirit world, or else he disappears forever. Path of Kami goes in-depth about the acceptance of death, in that life isn’t forever, and to treasure the meaningful connections with the people you’ve encountered in life.

You’ll be able to explore various lands in the mortal and spirit world while gathering life energy to stay alive and solve puzzles. With chase sequences, light puzzles, and a strong narrative story, players can enjoy a game that is heartwarming and emotionally impactful.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our history, our goals, and what we’ve been up to. If you’d like to learn more about our journey and stay in the loop, you can follow us in the below social channels or join our newsletter. If you’d like to join us in helping us make this vision a reality you can check our open positions as they become available on our website.

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Special thanks to the team at 302 Interactive, Laster Law, and of course to our amazing team at Captilight. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and pure awesomeness <3

--- The Captilight Team

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