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Captilight at Otronicon 2021

Hi everyone! We have some exciting news, we are ecstatic to share that we have been accepted to exhibit at Otronicon, an awesome in-person and virtual event hosted in Orlando, FL. Over the past fifteen years, Otronicon has been proud to engage thousands of K-12 students, college students, educators, and families with hands-on STEM learning as they highlighted the technological innovation happening right here in Central Florida. Their mission is to inspire a better tomorrow through science and technology.

The event is being held February 12 - 15, our exhibition will be open Feb. 13 - 14.

Exhibition Details

We will be bringing a demo for our upcoming game, Path of Kami. Path of Kami contains elements of both traditional Japanese folktales (Momotaro, Issun-Boushi), as well as a more personal journey for our main character. Path of Kami follows, Kazeyo, the spirit of a recently-deceased Japanese wolf as he navigates the trials of the Mortal and Spirit World in the form of puzzles. He is accompanied by a Wisp, a wolf spirit embodying both his mother and his more distant ancestors, who is there to guide him on his journey.

The demo features one level with four areas to explore with puzzles spread throughout the area! Find collectibles, hidden areas, and enjoy a beautiful soundtrack.

We’ll also be giving out game and studio merch such as t-shirts, stickers, mousepads, and more!

For anyone that isn’t able to make it in person, the weekend of the event we will be posting the demo on our Itch io page online for free! Check it out and give us your feedback

See you at Otronicon!

-- The Captilight Team

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