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Announcing our first title, Project Gates

We are very excited to announce our first title as a studio, "Gates of Reincarnation," also known as "Project Gates." We are still unsure of the title, so we'll refer to the project by its codename. The game has been in pre-production for some time and we have recently started prototyping!

Project Gates is a 3D, atmospheric adventure game following a young wolf and wisp in their quest to travel to the spirit world. The game focuses on an overarching theme, “reincarnation.” Gates goes in depth about the acceptance of death, that life isn’t forever, and to treasure the meaningful connections with those you’ve encountered in life. Players explore various lands in the mortal and spirit world while gathering life energy to stay alive and solving puzzles to access new areas and secrets. With chase sequences, simple puzzles, and an emotional narrative story, players can enjoy a game that is heartwarming and thought provoking.

The Story

Gates starts with a young wolf that perishes in a snowstorm and "awakens" as a spirit. The wolf, unaware of its own demise, attempts to interact with his friends and other animals fruitlessly. The wolf becomes disheartened by the lack of acknowledgment from those he once knew, unable to understand why they are ignoring him. On his journey he encounters friends and learns of his death, he is told he must travel to the spirit world to reincarnate otherwise he could disappear forever.

We will continue prototyping core mechanics and share when we can! We'd like to invite everyone to subscribe to our newsletter where we'll be sharing monthly updates about Gates and its developments. Thank you so much for your support and we're excited to hear what you think about the game! Kindest regards,

- Captilight Team

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