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Breaking the status quo in games by creating thought-provoking, story-driven games that offer a new insight into life as a whole



Studies have shown that 41% of gamers identify as women but women represent only 24% of game developers.


The marketplace is saturated with games that involve mechanics around violence.


As a team, our goal is to foster an inclusive and diversified team with amazing creators around the world. Captilight is a women-founded and led team composed of a diverse team of innovators and professionals passionate about offering wonderful games with exciting stories that players can enjoy and cherish.


We bring expertise from a combination of the tech and games industry, ranging from artists, programmers, designers, and more. We are also our own customers and know how hard it is to find games that are both impactful and entertaining. 

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Our First Project

We are working on our debut game Path of Kami which follows the spirit of recently-deceased Japanese wolf Kazeyo as he navigates the trials of the Spirit World, in order to ascend to godhood. He is accompanied by a Wisp, a wolf spirit embodying his mother, who is there to guide him on his journey.

Path of Kami is inspired by exploration-puzzle games like Journey, with the aim to create a memorable and beautiful world for the player to explore, alongside brain-teasing puzzles to solve and an engaging story to discover.

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